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Rhapsody :icondarowelf:darowelf 2 3
Points in Space
The stars slip quietly by,
Nothing more than a passage of time,
Each light a distant thought,
Nothing more than a point in space.
The ship drifts through the void,
Towards its destination,
The sparkling city planet of Vascuez,
The crown of the Emperium.
As the ship nears the planet,
An unbelievable sight is seen,
The sparkling gem of society,
Had ceased to gleam.
The towers fallen,
The roads destroyed,
The windows smashed,
The people long gone.
The crowning jewel of a grand Empire,
Fallen without a single warning,
The city that was to be forever,
Lost in such a short time.
The ship set down,
Close to the broken atrium,
The crew aboard stared out,
Into the dust and ash.
All they had grown to fear and love,
Crumbled before their eyes.
Their hopes and aspirations for a new life,
Leaking through the ruins.
A journal lay amongst the ruins,
The pages burned and tattered,
Inside was carefully documented,
The fall of a utopia.
It began when the shadow came,
It blocked out the suns,
A shape tha
:icondarowelf:darowelf 3 3
Sky :icondarowelf:darowelf 1 1 The Burial Ground :icondarowelf:darowelf 0 4 Notre Dam :icondarowelf:darowelf 1 3
This Place of Man
Stones have crumbled in the glare of time,
Men have come to and left this place.
What would the walls say if I asked,
Did the world pass you by?
I came to see the fields of yore,
Where the stones spent their early years.
They saw the flow of time itself,
Like water over all things,
Streaming forever onward,
Breaking and dancing amongst the grass.
I asked the wood how it felt about the rock's story,
The rocks had it all wrong.
I came to see the youth in the forest,
Reaching forever upward,
The companionship of the forest,
Torn apart by the hands of men.
The wood and stone argued for a time,
Each showing their brilliant images,
Before they came to silence,
As another began to listen.
They are both correct,
Came a voice that only whispered.
I came to see the land this place was build on,
Watching in anticipation,
Always waiting for what would happen next.
I saw the feet of beasts trample the dirt,
And yet the land waited,
I saw the rain soak into its surface,
And yet the land waited.
I sa
:icondarowelf:darowelf 2 3
Sword and the shield :icondarowelf:darowelf 1 1
Epics of Soldiers D-Day
The leap over the clinging dirt,
Is what makes you a man now.
Gather your wits, your bloody shirt,
And don't let your blood hit the snow.
This hell that man has made,
This solemn torturous device,
The beauty is sure now to fade,
As you squeeze the trigger thrice.
The brass falls to the ground,
Each casing hollow of meaning and heart.
The scythe of Death echoes a booming sound,
The Grim Reaper has played his part.
To the hill to claim sweet victory!
You must race through the lead wall.
To the hill to claim sweet serenity!
Avoiding the fatal fall.
Your youth was left on the beach,
Your innocence fades with each bullet spent.
The cries of your father to you no longer reach,
From the cemetery where he went.
The mud surrenders under your boot,
The grenades make you lose your senses.
Take up your courage and shoot!
Cut through their sandbag fences.
They taught you to kill a man,
To take his life with no remorse.
They taught you that you can
Remove emotion, leaving only force.
The air is fill
:icondarowelf:darowelf 4 13
Words :icondarowelf:darowelf 0 10
The Rye
I'm falling again,
The street can barely catch me.
The asphalt is a shaky haven,
Each block offers no solidity.
Inches feel like miles,
Falling like James.
Its freezing in the air,
God I wish I had a sweater.
Each stop is relief,
Each step off horror.
My stomach churns,
Allie make it stop.
:icondarowelf:darowelf 1 3
Forest :icondarowelf:darowelf 3 5 Star Light, Star Bright :icondarowelf:darowelf 1 5 Background :icondarowelf:darowelf 60 6 Fade :icondarowelf:darowelf 3 9 ID :icondarowelf:darowelf 0 0 Black And White :icondarowelf:darowelf 3 4

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Ben Reed
United States
Current Residence: My room
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Favourite style of art: Good (go figure)
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Personal Quote: HARK! Phat beats.
Alright folks, lets be honest with ourselves, I haven't posted anything in a long time even though I have completed several different works. Why you ask? I answer simply, I just don't care that much. I've hit a point where the things I do I do for me, and not as much to share, whereas previously I did a lot of the work I did to share. It's not that I don't want you all to look at my work, its just that I haven't bothered to post and probably never will. Who knows, maybe someday I'll come back with stuff you all can feast your eyes on, but for now, this stays up only for sentimental reasons. In addition lots of people have been favoriting (sp?) the background I created, and I'm curious to see how many favorites it'll collect. Gotta catch 'em all!

Ta ta for now.
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SennenGoroshi Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2008
your avatar is showing, sir
Pictwii Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
-pokes- journal needs updating, that was like a month ago ben!
Pictwii Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
hey! tis your sister :blowkiss: thanks for adding me as a friend, even though i'm just your sister (J/K) well love ya beeyz~
Moonstar-Legand Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007  Student General Artist

For one thing, shrimp is so not icky. I even wrote it on that white board in your kitchen. Muah! >3

For another thing, there are too different types of n00bs. See, the term "n00b" {Newb, or noob} means to be new at something, yes? Your reference was the original n00b; being new to an MMORPG. Thus being easy to kill for the more experienced players, thus being "pwn'd," as you said.

Then, there's the "internet" kind of n00b. In which case is much, much different, and the only similarity being the fact that both types of n00bs are both new. The type of the n00bs I was talking about reside in forum sites, where you post and chat with other members, such as Gaia, Neopets, Halcyon Tears, or any Proboards or Invision Free website. A n00b is usually very stupid and loves using overloads of chatspeak, or "txt talk". {{Example: so how r u??????????? im good lol!!11!!!}} A n00b on Gaia or Neopets will often ask players who have been on the site longer for their expensive items, usually saying this such as: "can i have ur horns???????????/????? i rly want them!!!!!!!!!12!!" Or something close to it. {Horns, on Gaia, are worth 680,000 gold, thus being expensive.}

So obviously, "pwning" a n00b over the internet and over an online game is very different! Ta-da! ^^

{{If you're wondering, "Who the hell is this?!" It's Alaina. xDD By the way, yer sister got a dA account... Mwahaha...}}
Blink564 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2007
i remembr that raina!! i was there!!! mwahaha
Moonstar-Legand Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2007  Student General Artist
xDD Whoo!
Moonstar-Legand Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007  Student General Artist
...Holy shit, that was a long comment. o.o
UniformDisorder Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2007
So, apparently our little sisters (mine being the small Asian one, and yours being the small Caucasian one) spend far too much time in each other's company. Taking that into account, I find it weird that we haven't ever met. Therefore, I'm taking this opportunity to introduce myself: I'm Daniel, Alaina is my little sister. What's up?
darowelf Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008
Hello Daniel, I just noticed the comment and it was left damn near a year ago. My bad. Will I'm Ben, as my account so proudly displays, hows it going?
UniformDisorder Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008
Hahah, it's all good, sir. It's going well, thanks. Just enjoying a leisurely Sunday afternoon with no obligations. How about you?
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